On the afternoon of March 18, the SSIS Heartbeat Vietnam Club organized fun activities and gave gifts to 30 children aged 4 to 9 who were being treated at City Children’s Hospital’s Oncology & Haematology Department. The activity aims to create a useful playground while also bringing joy and optimism to disadvantaged pediatric patients in the hospital.

This activity took place in the hospital’s reading room and at the Classroom of Wish, a modern classroom built by the VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) in 2020 to provide a space for learning and recreational activities for all of the hospital’s pediatric patients. Pediatric patients can take part in fun activities like coloring, painting, and making collages at the event. SSIS students also prepared 100 children’s books and 30 gifts, which were distributed to pediatric patients and their families. This activity is part of VCF’s Grassroots Assistance program, and it aims to contribute to the most effective treatment process for a group of children suffering from serious illnesses.

Since its inception in 2009, the SSIS Heartbeat Vietnam Club has raised funds for the Heartbeat Vietnam program and provided life-saving heart operations to 46 disadvantaged children. SSIS students also donated two emergency crash carts to VCF’s Healthcare Capacity-Building program in 2010.

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