On 20 and 21 May 2023, VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Youth Union cooperate with Binh Chanh District Youth Union and Heartbeat Vietnam (HBVN) Social Enterprise to continue implementing the health examinations and treatment for 1,200 disadvantaged children affected by Covid-19 in Binh Chanh district at the City Children’s Hospital. This activity is under the supervision of the Care to Rise program which is a joint initiative of VCF and HCMC Youth Union to support and provide free education assistance and health care for Covid-19 orphans and other disadvantaged children affected by Covid-19 in HCMC.

The ceremony is honored to welcome distinguished guests: Mr. Ho Tan Dat – Specialist of the Civil Affairs Department, Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee’s Department of Mass Mobilization; Ms. Tran Thu Ha – Vice Secretary of HCMC Youth Union, President of Vietnam Student Association of HCMC; Ms. Phan Thi Cam Nhung – Vice President, Binh Chanh District People’s Committee; Ms. Dinh Phuong Thao – Vice Secretary of Binh Chanh District Youth Union; Specialist Level 2 Dr. Nguyen Tran Nam – Deputy Director of HCMC Children’s Hospital; Director – Producer – Actress Ngo Thanh Van, Member of the Board of VinaCapital Foundation & Businessman Huy Tran; and Mr. Rad Kivette, CEO of VinaCapital Foundation.

Since November 2021, VCF and HCMC Youth Union have implemented the Care to Rise program to provide for, protect and encourage more than 2,300 orphans in HCMC until adulthood through scientific individual assessment, short-term and mid-term remedies, and long-term pathways for health and success. Since 2022, Care to Rise has organized 3 free health examinations for more than 3,000 children affected by the pandemic in HCMC, including Covid-19 orphans and children from disadvantaged families. The examination results indicated that many children were having serious health problems such as anxiety disorders, vision problems, lack of proper nutrition, dental issues, and much more. All of these children have also been supported 100% with treatment costs to ensure their physical and mental health.

On 20 and 21 May 2023, VCF and HCMC Youth Union continue to cooperate with HBVN Social Enterprise, Binh Chanh District Youth Union, and City Children’s Hospital to organize once again free medical examinations for 1,200 disadvantaged children. The children will have a general examination; ear, nose throat examination; odonto-stomatology examination; eye examination; musculoskeletal examination; and psychological examination. If diagnosed, they will be treated at City Children’s Hospital with treatment and transportation expenses supported by Care to Rise program. Gift sets and meals after the health checkup valued at 250,000 VND each are also prepared for all the children.

VCF, the HCMC Youth Union, and HBVN Social Enterprise wish to thank our donors for this event such as VinCapital Group, MoMo Piggybank Community, KMS Technology Vietnam, 8A Education Co., Ltd, RockFest community, Lam Tran Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd, Gamuda Land Vietnam, Perfetto Vietnam, Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine, healthcare workers from City Children’s Hospital, volunteers from the HCMC Youth Union, celebrities, Youth Union and Young Pioneer cadres at the grassroots level, and so many others who make the event possible.

Representative of Binh Chanh District shares: “Binh Chanh District is one of the largest and most populated districts in HCMC. More than 50% of the people in the district are immigrants, therefore, most of the children living here are offsprings of labor workers and immigrants. In recent years, the Binh Chanh District Youth Union and the District Young Pioneer Organization, along with Binh Chanh District’s governing bodies have always paid attention to and strengthened the education, protection, and care programs for the comprehensive development of children in the district. There are many mental and physical support activities for the children being organized and have gained remarkable achievements, including education support, scholarships, providing clothes, bicycles, stationery, and gifts, building playgrounds, renovating cultural houses, entertainment, organizing cultural events, counseling activities, healthcare, and more. After the pandemic, Binh Chanh district has 202 Covid-19 orphans. Therefore, post-Covid-19 physical and mental health examinations for children are one of the main focuses of the district Youth Union and governing bodies at all levels in Binh Chanh district.”

“We are honored to have the cooperation from our dedicated and trustworthy partners and donors to provide the best support for the development of our vulnerable children”, states Rad Kivette, CEO of VinaCapital Foundation, “We are working harder than ever to ensure all the children get the adequate psychosocial attention, quality healthcare services, and comprehensive educational support until they are adults. With all the support from the government, the Youth Union of HCMC and district-level Youth Union entities, partners like the City Children’s Hospital, donors, and individuals in the community, VCF commits to continue bringing better healthcare and education services to the underprivileged children in Vietnam, contributing for a more resilient future for all. We will leave no child behind.”

The Care to Rise program is divided into 3 phases with sufficient support for the children in each period of time. Phase 1 completed 1,924 detailed surveys for individual assessment. Phase 2 with remedial assistance was implemented in 2022. The long-term care with health and education services, Phase 3, will carry the program benefits until adulthood.

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