On 18 and 20 August, VinaCapital Foundation and DonaCoop Infrastructure and Investment Joint Stock Company donated 2 GE R860 ventilators to Military Hospital 175, Ho Chi Minh City and 15 MTV1000 ventilators to the Representative of the Ministry of National Defence for further deployment. Previously, VCF and DonaCoop also handed over 3 Bennett 840 ventilators to the field hospital for Covid-19 treatment in Can Tho. These devices will immediately be put into use and contribute to saving the lives of Covid-19 patients, reducing the burden on the medical system and contributing to pandemic control.
We hope to have your continuous support “Help Vietnam Breathe – Vì Nhịp Thở Việt Nam” campaign to raise funds for purchasing essential pandemic-fighting medical equipment and supplies for frontline medical facilities.
Please donate directly to “Help Vietnam Breathe – Vì Nhịp Thở Việt Nam” by the following options:
Transfer via Bank account:
+ Beneficiary’s Account No.: 007 100 574 4984 (VND) – 007 137 060 7587 (USD)
+ Name of the bank: Vietcombank – Ho Chi Minh Branch
+ Swift code: BFTVVNVX007
+ Transfer note: Name + Phone number + HVB
Transfer via Credit card here. Please select “Where it’s needed most” at the Designation box.
Transfer via Momo here. Kindly add Donor’s Name and Phone number into the “Message/Lời nhắn” box.
Transfer via ZaloPay here. Kindly add Donor’s Name and Phone number into the “Message/Lời nhắn” box.
For more information, please visit: https://helpvietnambreathe.vinacapitalfoundation.org (the site is in both English and Vietnamese) to see our daily updated donation received, donation methods, news about equipment handovers, and other information.

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