After 14 years, The VinaCapital Foundation’s flagship program Heartbeat Vietnam reaches a milestone- saving 8000 children from congenital heart defects from across Vietnam. In 2019, Heartbeat Vietnam provided 809 life-saving surgeries and has sponsored 480 children so far in 2020 creating better futures for hundreds of families.

Since its founding in 2006, Heartbeat Vietnam and The VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) have been devoted to saving little lives by improving access to healthcare, especially for children with congenital heart defects. Research indicates that 1 out of 100 children born every year in Viet Nam has congenital heart defects. The cost of treatment is high and most of the patients come from disadvantaged families in rural areas who cannot afford travel and treatment costs nor post-operative care for their children. Heartbeat Vietnam ensures the children receive their heart surgeries on a timely basis as well as providing family grants for pre and post-surgery expenses.

(From right to left) Mr. Rad Kivette, Ms. Ngô Thanh Vân, H’Nhun Nie – 8000th child, and her father, Mr. Don Lam, with MD. Trần Tử Nam in the discussion panel

Heartbeat Vietnam’s 8000th child is H’Nhun Nie, an 11-year-old ethnic minority girl who lives in Dak Lak, Buon Ma Thuot with her parents and brothers, and sisters. H’Nhun was diagnosed with ventricular septal defect, particularly left ventricular dilatation. With her parents working as farmers in rural Dak Lak, her family could not afford the surgery costs. Heartbeat Vietnam provided full support and H’Nhun Nie had her life-saving surgery on 3rd September 2020 and was discharged after only 1 week. Now H’Nhun is fully recovered and enrolled in school.

Through his tears, while talking to Heartbeat Vietnam about H’Nhun’s fast recovery and her plans for the future, her father shared: “My wife often gave H’Nhun fabric of different colors and textures to sew clothes for her doll. She wants to be a fashion designer. It was so painful to see her struggling with heart problems and to think of the bleak future where she cannot live her dream- or live at all because our family is so poor that we cannot pay for her treatment. I am extremely grateful for the financial support for H’Nhun’s heart surgery from Heartbeat Vietnam. Now she has a strong heart which allows her to realize her dreams. Also, our family is free from the financial burden of sickness to build our own future.”

Mr. Don Lam and H’Nhun Nie cut the celebration cake

At the celebration of this milestone, Mr. Don Lam, VCF Board Chairman shared: “The mission of VinaCapital Foundation is to support Vietnamese children so they grow stronger through improved healthcare and education opportunities. With Heartbeat Vietnam’s success in saving 8000 children with congenital heart defects, we are motivated and determined to keep moving forward to help more children and families have better access to healthcare, better living conditions, and better lives overall.”

The guests joined the Nurturing Ceremony

As children who have recovered from congenital heart defects are given the chance to grow up normally, the family’s emotional and financial burdens are lifted so that their healthcare providers- mostly mothers or sisters, are empowered to return to their education or to find gainful employment. Healthy children encourage stronger families and that leads to improved communities, education success, reduced poverty, and fulfilled dreams for everyone.

All the guests with gifts from Heartbeat Vietnam

This year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s heavy impact, Heartbeat Vietnam and VCF’s other timely virus-related campaigns have helped heart children stay protected as VCF continues to provide desperately needed surgeries. VCF also provides the children’s families with the psychological and financial support they need. Ten months into 2020, Heartbeat Vietnam has managed to support 480 children with congenital heart defects to have their life-saving surgeries while providing 68 children with The Continuing Care package to be able to visit the hospital for check-ups and follow-ups, 21 Grants for families to have more resources to take care of their children, and 5 Scholarships for bright students to maintain their education.

This 8000th Heartbeat Vietnam child milestone celebrated today is really just the beginning of a new journey for Heartbeat Vietnam’s work. This accomplishment could never be achieved without coordinated efforts from the program team members, local stakeholders across 63 provinces, and hundreds of sponsors who have contributed their time, financial resources, and passion to save the lives of sick children. With the support of local doctors, the government of Vietnam, hospitals, and loyal partners, VinaCapital Foundation is able to send 80- 100 a year to Rural Outreach Clinics in the most remote and underprivileged areas of Vietnam to find children who need assistance. Then VCF provides the proper remediation. The Critical Response and Survive To Thrive programs bring essential pediatric emergency and neonatal equipment and training to hospitals, healthcare workers, and patients. In the future, VinaCapital Foundation looks forward to scaling out its 5 core programs even further to enhance healthcare outcomes, improve education and transform communities by strengthening children and their mothers.

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