This World Heart Day 2020, Use Heart To Experience with Vibeji and VinaCapital Foundation! The “Use Heart To Save Heart” campaign will be implemented by Vibeji and VCF with a series of activities to share useful skills and knowledge about physical and mental health for the community, especially cardiac health.

As a library of experiential workshops & activities that are bite-sized, and interactive – connecting hosts to experience seekers and learners, Vibeji creates a place where young people can learn, play, and create – in ways that are most creative and fun.

Partnering with VinaCapital Foundation and Heartbeat Vietnam, Vibeji is organizing free online events for everyone to join. All profits will be donated to Heartbeat Vietnam to support underprivileged children with congenital heart defects so their families have better lives in the future.

Visit: for more information and take part in experiences that are helpful for your hearts:

25 September: Use ❤️ to manage stress for you and others with GoalCraft

26 September: Use ❤️ so share laughter with Uy Le –

27 September: Use ❤️ to breathe into stillness June Bui –

27 September: Use ❤️ to draw to relax with friends & family with Nam Nguyen –

28 September: Use ❤️ to enjoy music with your loved ones with Lam Vissay –

Thank you Vibeji and the hosts for joining us this “Use Heart To Save Heart” campaign, we are so excited to have those experiences with you and join hands to help children with congenital heart defects ❤️

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