Truong Quy had his first heart surgery at Ho Chi Minh City’s Heart Institute in 2012. He continued to get his second heart surgery in 2018, which was funded by Heartbeat Vietnam and other sponsors. His health significantly improved following the surgery. However, by July 2022, he had a fever and was treated for about a week at a local hospital, but his condition did not get any better. Quy was then transferred to Ho Chi Minh City’s Heart Institute. He was given an Infective Endocarditis diagnosis and had antibiotic treatment for 5 weeks, but his condition did not improve. Once again, he was required to have a third heart surgery to repair his heart defect, which cost nearly 176 million VND after health insurance deductions.

Quy’s family is a low-income household in the neighborhood. His parents must rent fields to grow rice and raise cows with a monthly income of only about 2-3 million VND. Quy’s mother stays home to do housework and look after the family. No matter how much money the parents make, they spend it all on their two sons’ education and Quy’s medications and medical check-ups. As a result, the cost of this surgery appears to be beyond the family’s means after two previous surgeries. In August 2022, thanks to the support of HBVN and sponsors, Truong Quy successfully underwent his third birth defect repair surgery.

Responding to the Giving Tuesday 2022 movement, in November 2022, HBVN launched a fundraising campaign through ZaloPay. This is intended to cover the costs of Truong Quy’s six periodic follow-up visits and post-surgical costs for a year and a half, easing his family’s financial burden and worries. After only 1 month of complementation, the fundraising campaign successfully raised 18,000,000 VND thanks to the ZaloPay user community.

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