The charity auction Scar of Life 8 on Nov. 29 was the most successful in the history of Heartbeat Vietnam for the past 8 years with Ambassador Ngo Thanh Van. 351 children will be saved from the fund of 421,200USD (nearly 10 billion VND) through the live auction of 11 items on stage and 63 silent auction items as well as direct donations at the event.

The enthusiastic and compassionate participation of the sponsors and guests that night brought an atmosphere of love and sharing for children with congenital heart defects who are looking forward to their helping arms. Sincerely thank all the sponsors of the program for their generous work on the 8th Scar of Life.

Thanks to Director Jun Pham and his crew for his short film debut. A lighthearted, lively, and hopeful “A Lucky Clover” has contributed to raising awareness in the community not only about congenital heart defects but also about the urgency that these small fragile hearts need to be helped. The film really motivated the unstoppable donations from the donors to “Give Luck, Gain Love” during the gala night.

Director Jun Pham and his film crew

We also send our deepest gratitude to Ms. Ngo Thanh Van – Ambassador of Heartbeat Vietnam. Thank you for being fierce, strong, and trustful with our organization and the program Scar of Life, and more importantly, with the mission to save children with congenital heart defects throughout Vietnam. Her sincerity is the greatest inspiration for other loving hearts to follow and support this wonderful journey.

Ms. Ngo Thanh Van and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Mai Thanh, Chairman, and CEO of REE Corporation

Finally, to the entire staff and volunteers of The VinaCapital Foundation, Heartbeat Vietnam and VAA, they are day and night warriors whose works are to benefit the children who always need help to have a healthy heart. The success of the Scars of Life night is thanks to their hard work, diligence, and strong cooperation. Those tireless efforts deserve recognition and respect. Thanks, everyone!

Spread the great news and the message: Give Luck, Gain Love to save more children!

More photos of the silent auction and live auction:

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