Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world. This movement aims to improve the lives of the more underprivileged people in our society. To respond to an unprecedented need due to the outbreak of COVID-19, an extra Giving Tuesday starting on 05/05/2020.

Join the movement and give – each Tuesday and every day. Even in times of economic crisis, we each have a deep reserve of generosity, which we can deploy in myriad ways to make a difference–your time, your kindness, your skills, and your voice are all things you can give in addition to charitable donations.

– Give Time: By volunteering, you can give something back, make a difference to the people around you, develop new skills, and learn more about issues affecting your community.
– Give Voice: By lending our voice to advocate for the causes and issues we care about, we can all be activists who affect the kind of change that makes our world a better place.
– Give Money: Throughout our communities, nonprofit organizations are working tirelessly every day to make a difference in our communities. Donate to a nonprofit in honor of GivingTuesday.
– Give Goods: Organize a donation drive – they’re a great way to rally a group around a cause you all care about, whether that’s your weekend crew, your family, your neighbors, or your officemates. Everything counts!
– Give Kindness: A seemingly small act of kindness has the power to inspire the generosity that can permeate society and catalyze change.
– Give Talent: Many nonprofits are understaffed or operating on a small budget and can’t afford the marketing, HR, technology, or planning resources that their missions deserve. Consider giving your skills to help a nonprofit.

So far, GivingTuesday has encouraged countless acts of generosity and raised up to $1,970,000,000 worldwide. And this #GivingTuesdayNow, VinaCapital Foundation is aiming to raise funds for children with congenital heart defects and their families with details as follows:
– Healthcare and basic needs for the child: 9,000,000 VND/ 3 months, approx.$390 in total/child
– Basic living costs for the family and the child: 12,000,000 VND/ 3 months, approx.$520 in total/child

Have you decided how you’ll be giving? Share with us and donate now to save children’s hearts.

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