Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a member staff at VinaCapital Foundation? Or even more exciting, a volunteer working at the VCF office? Let’s meet Phuc – a senior university student that has become an important member of the VCF family since February.



My name is Phuc Vo, “Phuc” means “happiness” in Vietnamese.

I am about to graduate from Hoa Sen University, HCMC.

I love the color purple and creating handicrafts.

I am currently a volunteer in the Marketing and Communication Department at VCF.

Join me for the day to see what we have waiting for us!


I usually start my day at around 7 AM with a hot breakfast and ride my bike to work. With an 8 km distance from my house to the office, I have about 30 minutes to observe the city and its people on the way. Mornings in HCMC are usually busy with the streets full of sunshine and people always in a rush. The loud noises, energy, and hustle of the city invigorate me with motivation to take on the day.


The first thing I do after arriving at the office is greeted everyone, make myself a cup of coffee, and fist bump with the team. Early morning catch-up conversations always put a smile on my face. Then I hurry upstairs to the Marketing & Communication department, talk to the team about our day that day and get ready to dive into the work.

My daily tasks are to assist in Marketing & Communication activities, including translating documents and drafting content for social media, managing merchandise, and supporting events. By practicing and learning through the instruction of the Marketing & Communication team, not only have my English and writing skills improved a lot, but I also have learned a totally new technique that I am so proud of – editing videos and creating subtitles!

Arranging gifts for pediatric patients for upcoming Children’s Day

I have also had the opportunity to participate in heart children trips with the Heartbeat Vietnam program team, through which I can witness the real-life impact of VCF’s amazing work. Meeting children with congenital heart defects and seeing how their families transform after their children’s surgeries are actually life-changing experiences. I am so happy to know that my work at VCF has also contributed to bringing a brighter future for those in need.


A workday at VCF cannot be completed without some fun. Each day, I discover new experiences and exciting activities that challenge both my personal and professional skills. I have found ways to creatively decorate our donation boxes and staff’s Sharing Box or helped organize staff birthday parties by taking care of the logistics. I got the chance to watch movies about the issues that we are working on, as well as to learn to become a good coordinator at the school fairs we attend by talking and playing with little students and selling cookies to raise funds.

Picture: Phuc (in the orange checked shirt on the left) at a staff birthday celebration that she organized

Whether it is talking and laughing with the staff at lunchtime or discussing important topics, having fun with the staff and broadening my perspectives at the same time bring me so much joy and make the work even more meaningful.


I usually call the day off and say goodbye to everyone in the office around 6 PM. Riding the bike back home on the busy streets during rush hours of Saigon, I reflect on my day and often find myself smiling and already excited for the next day when I think of the children I have met, my achievements, and how I can do better.

I am thankful for my time here and I hope many others, especially young people like me, can experience a wonderful job like mine. If you want to contribute to a good cause and cultivate your own self-development, become a volunteer at VCF and see yourself grow with lots of opportunities and memories like me!


Phuc and many volunteers like her whom we have hosted for the last 15 years are what bring us closer together, give us “fresh eyes” and make our work rewarding. Their youthful passion and innovative ideas inspire me every day. VCF’s mission is to develop these young volunteer hearts and minds with the same sensitivity and commitment that we invest in our rural beneficiaries. They are both tomorrow’s leaders.

We hope reading Phuc’s story has motivated you too and helped you have a glimpse of our important work. Please do not hesitate to drop us an email at volunteer@vinacapitalfoundation.org, or simply donate and support us on our life-saving journey in Vietnam.

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