Despite COVID-19’s 2020 hardships, the VCF program team traveled across Vietnam to the neediest rural areas of the country. From mountainous Ha Giang to Ly Son island and Dak Lak, VCF installed clean water filtration systems, improving access to potable water and improving the quality of life for children and their families, especially in the underserved and disadvantaged rural areas.

In December, VinaCapital Foundation installed 03 clean water systems at 3 schools in Cu M’Gar District, Dak Lak province. According to statistics from Cư M’gar district, the majority of the children attending schools from kindergarten to high school are ethnic minorities. Research has also shown that improved sanitation, hygiene, and clean drinking water in schools improve school attendance and education outcomes for all school children. To provide potable water in the 3 schools in Cư M’gar district, Le Thi Hong Gam Primary School, Le Hong Phong Secondary School, and Le Huu Trac High School, the Clean Water for Children program of VinaCapital Foundation directly benefits more than 2,600 students, teachers, and school staff. As a student, Miss Universe 2017 H’Hen Nie attended these 3 schools and accompanied the VCF team during the project handover ceremony, spreading awareness and encouraging the students to study hard and drink clean water from the new filtration systems.


Many students at Le Huu Trac high school expressed their appreciation for their new source of clean drinking water: “Before having clean water, we had to bring water ourselves to drink during school hours. Now, with a filtration system, with just one simple step, we can have a glass of clean water to drink immediately. This not only improves the quality of drinking water in particular but also improves our health in general. The clean water system also makes the campus look cleaner and more modern than before.”


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