In August 2022, Huyen Trang graduated from the university and found her dream. Looking at the images of a little girl with a bright smile at her graduation ceremony, few people know that Huyen Trang was once a little girl with congenital heart defects who was supported by Heartbeat Vietnam at the age of 9.

For 13 consecutive years from 2010 to 2022, Heartbeat Vietnam has always accompanied Trang and her family, giving her follow-up allowances and scholarships to help Trang confidently continue her learning path. During her time at university, Huyen Trang was always active and energetic to participate in school activities. She also tried her best to work in her part-time jobs as a waitress and an English tutor to help her mother pay for the rent and living expenses.

In 2022, Trang graduated with a major in English from Quy Nhon University and found a job that matched her major and interests. “Thanks to Heartbeat Vietnam, now I have a healthy heart, and I will continue to make my best efforts to take care of myself and support my family.”, Trang shared about her journey.

Having accompanied children like Trang for a long time, the Heartbeat Vietnam team is deeply proud of the impact our life-saving program has had on children over the past 16 years. Many disadvantaged children with congenital heart defects in all remote areas of Vietnam will also be supported to have a happier life and a better future like Huyen Trang with the help of Heartbeat Vietnam and kind hearts like yours.

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