On January 13, 2023, Vietnam Airlines and SpaceSpeakers Group in partnership with Heartbeat Vietnam organize the Spring festival for children – Dream Trip for 100 disadvantaged children in Khanh Hoa province on the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2023. “Dream Trip” is a campaign jointly organized by SpaceSpeakers Group and Vietnam Airlines to accompany the Heartbeat Vietnam program to create a dream trip for disadvantaged Vietnamese children and spread positive messages of love to the community.

Under the auspices of the Dream Trip campaign, the Spring festival for children creates an exciting event that will musically bring happiness to 100 disadvantaged children aged from 12 to 15 in Khanh Hoa province. The Spring festival for children – Dream Trip campaign, like its name, brings a “dream travel day” to underprivileged children where they can celebrate the Lunar New Year with new friends, immerse themselves in the music and have precious memories that they will cherish for years to come. During the event, the children participate in numerous fun activities including singing, dancing, and playing with the artists of SpaceSpeakers Group; enjoying delicious traditional Tet Nguyen Dan dishes; and receiving helpful gifts from the organizers.

The Dream Trip campaign prepares 100 gift sets each valued at 1 million dong including stationeries, food, and a financial grant for all the children at the event to support their families and encourage them to study for a better future. Besides, SpaceSpeakers Group’s artists will award 8 scholarships with a total worth of 80 million VND to 8 disadvantaged students with excellent study records. This sponsorship will be distributed through the Heartbeat Vietnam program after the event to give wings to their dreams and motivate them to strive in their studying pathway.

Mr. Dang Anh Tuan, Director of the Corporate Communication Department of Vietnam Airlines shared: “We are proud to partner with SpaceSpeakers and Heartbeat Vietnam to implement this meaningful program for children. Not only providing financial support, we hope that the program will also create positive emotions and good memories, thereby encouraging the children to study harder and strive for a better future. “Dream Trip – Spring festival for children” is also part of the “Flights of Love” campaign that Vietnam Airlines has actively implemented for many years. Through the campaign, we are proud to play the role of the national airline to join hands with sustainable organizations to support people in need including disadvantaged children, and spread humane values in society.”

“SpaceSpeakers Group would like to send our sincere thanks to our partners, Vietnam Airlines and Heartbeat Vietnam, as well as the local authorities and all the children for making this Dream Trip event a success. All artists and the crew of SpaceSpeakers Group always put the focus on setting the music value together with charitable activities. We aim to use music to connect the community and create not only material but spiritual value also to help those in need overcome difficulties, especially children. SpaceSpeakers Group expects to continue working with partners like Vietnam Airlines and Heartbeat Vietnam to create more meaningful and impactful programs for the community.” said Mr. Jason Dang – CEO of SpaceSpeakers Label.

“It’s our honor to partner with the leaders in their fields, Vietnam Airlines and SpaceSpeakers Group, in this wonderful Dream Trip campaign. This is a genuine act of care and concern to support the impoverished children and strengthen families,” states Mr. Rad Kivette – CEO of Heartbeat Vietnam Service Co., Ltd. “The trust, generosity, and dedication of partners like Vietnam Airlines and SpaceSpeakers Group have enabled us to bring a memorable and festive Tet holiday to children in need. This meaningful campaign will spread goodwill and inspire the community to join hands with us to plant the seeds of dreams in the hearts of our children.”

In the bustle and excitement of the coming Lunar New Year, Year of the Cat, Heartbeat Vietnam is blessed to celebrate this remarkable festival with our dedicated partners and most importantly the children of Khanh Hoa province. We believe that all children deserve to have the right to dream, grow up healthy, and shine in their own way. This activity reaffirms our commitment to strengthening and building a more resilient Vietnam for generations of children to come.

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