This year’s Vietnamese Women’s Day – October 20, is truly special as Heartbeat Vietnam can welcome our special friends from Z1 Team. Since the early days of 2017, the Z1 Team and their annual campaign called “Z1 For The Heart” have stood side by side with Heartbeat Vietnam, spreading love and providing free surgeries for disadvantaged children with congenital heart defects.

This year, with the resonance of many compassionate hearts, the “Z1 For the Heart 2023” campaign successfully raised 112,000,000 VND to open a hopeful future for 4 more children. The funds have been entrusted to the Heartbeat Vietnam program team, ensuring prompt delivery to these young hearts in need.

Heartbeat Vietnam sincerely appreciates the affection and valuable support from the Z1 Team throughout our 6 years of partnership. Together, we have opened up a brighter future for 31 disadvantaged children with congenital heart defects and their families, and we believe that this journey will continue to extend, bringing hope to many more children who are still waiting for the opportunity to have healthy hearts.


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