No one in the family from Hau Giang province could have anticipated that their little boy, Nhat Huy, who had grown up healthy like any other child, actually had a congenital heart defect. However, at age 2, the energetic boy began experiencing prolonged nasal congestion, fatigue, and occasional fainting episodes. Alarmed by these symptoms, the family sought medical attention for Huy, leading to the diagnosis of “supraventricular tachycardia”. Since then, Huy’s parents have been diligently taking him to Tam Duc Heart Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City every 1 to 2 months for check-ups and necessary medications.

Huy’s father works as a motorcycle mechanic, while his mother takes care of their four young children. Despite their unstable and meager income, Huy’s parents always strive to ensure that he gets regular check-ups. This year, when Nhat Huy finally turned five years old, he can now undergo an electrophysiological ablation procedure to heal his heart. However, the cost, amounting to several hundred million Vietnamese dong, posed a significant burden on Huy’s family. In the midst of their difficulties, Huy’s parents were introduced to apply for Heartbeat Vietnam’s surgery sponsorship. With the support of the program, Huy was able to undergo the necessary surgical intervention and regain a healthy heartbeat.

After undergoing the life-saving intervention in late September 2023, Huy’s health has greatly improved. During one of Huy’s follow-up visits to Ho Chi Minh City, representatives from the Heartbeat Vietnam program and the sponsor BLUSAIGON came to visit and bring gifts to the young boy.

Witnessing the affectionate gaze of Huy’s father towards his son, we are filled with immense happiness knowing that we could help Huy and his family have a better life. We hope that Huy continues to grow up strong and healthy in the loving arms of his family. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to BLUSAIGON for their valuable contributions through the “From Heart to Heart” fundraising campaign, which has helped Huy regain a healthy heartbeat.

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