On 2nd June 2022, GeoComply in collaboration with VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) donates 115,000,000 VND to Care to Rise program and 170,000,000 VND to Brighter Path Girls’ Club (BPGC) program. The donation to Care to Rise program will provide free education assistance and scholarships for 38 disadvantaged Covid-19 orphans in Ho Chi Minh City so that they can continue their education. With the support from GeoComply, the BPGC program will establish one Girls’ Club to empower 40 high school ethnic minority girls and transform them into agents of change in their rural communities.

Since November 2021, VCF and HCMC Youth Union have implemented the Care to Rise program to access, protect, encourage and provide long-term care to Covid-19 orphans until adulthood. The Care to Rise program is divided into 3 phases with sufficient support for the children in each period of time. Phase 1 completed 1,924 detailed surveys for individual assessment. Phase 2 with remedial assistance is implementing and providing free health examinations diagnosis and education assistance for disadvantaged children affected by Covid-19. The long-term care with health and education services, Phase 3, will carry the program through adulthood for our children. The donation from GeoComply will be designated to Phase 2 to provide 38 scholarships for poor orphans in 1 year. Each scholarship value at 3 million VND will encourage the children to stay in school and support their families financially.

The BPGC program has been implemented by VCF and Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund since September 2020. Last May, the program officially announced the expansion of 11 BPGC in 11 high schools in Thai Nguyen and Tra Vinh provinces. With the donation from GeoComply, the program will be able to operate an additional after-school Girls’ Club to provide education in financial literacy, sexual and reproductive health, legal rights, and leadership skills for 40 rural ethnic minority female students during one school year in Tra Vinh province. Accordingly, the program will set up a media classroom with a standard set of equipment including a laptop, a projector screen, and a video-conferencing system in the participating school and organize 16 after-school club sessions for the club members. With all the knowledge and skills gained from the initial club, the club committee will continue to maintain the club’s activities and recruit new members for future years.

“At GeoComply, we understand that our business is supported by the development of society as a whole. Therefore, giving back to our community and enhancing social responsibility initiatives is one of our most concerns, especially in supporting women and children who are among the most vulnerable populations in the world. Instead of just donating cash, we aim to leverage our knowledge, technologies, and resources to advance women’s rights and welfare for all children. Through our donation this time, we hope to spread the word and action to as many people as possible. Together, we can do more!” – Happy Nguyen, General Director of GeoComply shares.

“It is VinaCapital Foundation’s honor to partner with GeoComply to provide quality education opportunities for vulnerable, disadvantaged, and often marginalized Covid-19 orphans and ethnic high school girls,” states Rad Kivette, CEO of VinaCapital Foundation. “With the generous support of GeoComply, for which we are very grateful, this donation will prepare and enable hundreds of disadvantaged children and ethnic minority girls to become strong independent citizens who contribute substantially to the economic growth of Vietnam.

The partnership between the two organizations represents the dedicated collaborative commitment to the development of underserved communities in Vietnam, especially children and women.

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