On March 29, 2024, GeoComply donated 438,484,000 VND to support the implementation of the Brighter Path Girls’ Clubs (BPGC), marking the third consecutive year that GeoComply has partnered with the VinaCapital Foundation on the journey of empowering ethnic minority girls in Vietnam. The funds will be utilized to establish the program as extracurricular clubs and provide multimedia classrooms, ensuring easy access to knowledge for the students.

Ethnic minority girls and women are particularly vulnerable in Vietnam due to gender and ethnic discrimination, outdated traditions, and challenging economic conditions. The Brighter Path Girls’ Clubs focus on equipping them with crucial knowledge and skills in four key areas: financial literacy, life skills, reproductive and sexual health, and legal rights. By developing independence, confidence, and determination, the girls can overcome outdated customs. Currently, the clubs have been implemented in 28 schools across Thai Nguyen, Quang Nam, and Tra Vinh provinces. Over 1,140 ethnic minority girls have participated, and the message has reached more than 20,000 students.

We sincerely appreciate GeoComply’s dedication and proactive efforts for disadvantaged children and women in Vietnam. Since 2022, the collaboration between GeoComply and the VinaCapital Foundation has provided scholarships to 38 orphans due to COVID-19 in Ho Chi Minh City, implemented the BPGC model to empower ethnic minority female students, and sponsored the surgical costs for 25 children with congenital heart defects.

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