On August 31, at Tam Duc Heart Hospital, Heartbeat Vietnam and the GeoComply team visited 5 children who are recovering from heart surgery.

In August 2022, GeoComply donated 168 million VND (~7,169 USD) to the HBVN program, joining hands with VCF’s partners to help 6 disadvantaged children with congenital heart defects to have their life-saving heart surgery in time. GeoComply is continuing to raise funds to at least save 4 pediatric patients more from now till the end of 2022.

Fun fact, during the visit, one of the children, Huu Phuoc (5 years old) had a particular interest in photography and he managed to take some very nice pictures – he acted like a real professional and made everyone laugh – we believe that a long career awaits him in this field.

VCF and HBVN would like to express our gratitude to GeoComply for helping our heart children and their families.

Please continue to accompany and support VCF in our different programs!

You can make a difference, donate now HERE.

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