On March 25, 2024 – The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany and the VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) handed over 07 essential neonatal care equipment to the Hoang Su Phi Regional General Hospital in Ha Giang province. The donation, valued at over 184,000,000 VND, was made through VCF’s Survive to Thrive program, aiming to enhance the hospital’s neonatal care capacity and reduce the mortality rate of newborns and mothers in ethnic minority communities.

The donated medical equipment includes 01 Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine for acute respiratory failure treatment, 01 SPO2 blood oxygen saturation monitor, 01 intubation kit, 1 portable phlegm suction unit, 1 infant warmer, 1 nebulizer, 1 ambu bag. The equipment will support the Hoang Su Phi Regional General Hospital neonatal unit and is expected to improve the treatment capacity for an average of 2,000 pediatric patients each year. According to the General Statistics Office, in 2022, the infant mortality rate in Ha Giang was 20/1000 cases, 53% higher than the national average. Because of the rough mountainous terrain and the fear of hospital visits, childbirth on the way to the hospital or at home is common in the area. Because of limited postnatal care knowledge, children are often brought to the hospital in severe conditions. The lack of medical equipment means that the Hoang Su Phi General Hospital frequently faces situations where newborns must share warming beds, incubators, or jaundice lamps.

“The Federal Republic of Germany is committed to supporting communities on their way of improving health and education, reducing inequality, ending poverty and other deprivations. The German Embassy is certain that the equipment purchased with German funds will lead to positive developments towards a safe, healthy, and prosperous future for children and their families in Hoang Su Phi.” – Ms. Alexandra Westwood, Development Cooperation, German Embassy Hanoi, adds.

“VinaCapital Foundation is honored to partner with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to improve healthcare quality for communities in need. The Survive to Thrive program was initiated to reduce newborn mortality in remote areas by enhancing neonatal care capabilities for medical centers and clinics in Vietnam’s rural areas for future generations.” – Mr. Rad Kivette, CEO of VinaCapital Foundation, affirmed.

Since its inception in 2010, VCF’s Survive to Thrive program has donated 452 essential neonatal medical equipment to the neonatal intensive care units of 69 hospitals and medical centers across 14 provinces, aiding in the treatment and saving of over 42,000 premature and newborn infants. Specifically, in Ha Giang province, VCF collaborated with the Ha Giang Department of Health to donate 01 ambulance and 06 emergency carts to the district hospitals of Bac Quang, Vi Xuyen, Xin Man, Yen Minh, Bac Me, and the Provincial General Hospital in 2016; and supported a 750 liters/hour RO water filtration system for the Provincial General Hospital and Yen Minh Regional General Hospital in 2020.

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