On the 27th of February 2020, 3 representatives from Hyundai Walk 1 event organizers visited Tam Duc hospital to see a 1.5-year-old baby named Y A Nat Ksor. He is 1 of the 6 children whose congenital heart surgeries are to be funded through the event “Hyundai Walk 1” – a charity event held on 15th Dec 2019. The event consisted of a car puzzle of 70 cars from Hyundai car groups and raised 158.5 million VND for Heartbeat Vietnam.

Representatives of Hyundai Walk organizers and Heartbeat Vietnam and Ksor’s father

When representatives from Hyundai Walk and Heartbeat Vietnam visited they gifted the child and his family toys and milk. They also offered a small grant to support the transportation and medical expenses since these are costs that are often overlooked but can be a huge struggle for families to cover, especially since the family is part of the Gai Rai ethnic minority from Dak Lak province, which is around 400km from Tam Duc hospital.

Representatives of Hyundai Walk organizers give the family grant to Ksor’s father

Before the surgery, which occurred in January 2020, baby Ksor was malnourished and was spending longer at the provincial hospital than at home. His heart defects caused a series of coughs and fevers, denying Ksor of sleep and nutrition since he lost his appetite. While his peers were crawling around and playing with toys, Ksor could only watch them as he breathed heavily in his mother’s arms.

Now, just a few months later Ksor is able to excitedly play with the gifts from the donors, showing his new-found strength and health. Ksor’s parents shared their gratitude that their beloved infant no longer had to endure severe pneumonia, shortness of breath, and blueish skin that once held him back from progressing like other infants. This visit occurred during Ksor’s second heart check-up since his operation and he has gained 1kg, now weighing 8kg. He will have another check-up in the next 3 months to ensure he recovers to be the healthy, happy little boy he should be.

Seeing how these life-saving surgeries can have such a huge effect on not only individuals but their families and ultimately their communities shows the effectiveness of events such as the Hyundai Walk. 5 other children’s lives will be saved by the funds raised at this event. However, 7,500 babies are born with congenital heart defects every year and require intervention. Every effort counts when it is aimed towards helping these children who so unfairly face illness. We thank everyone that has helped Heartbeat Vietnam and continues to help us put the smiles back on children like Ksor’s faces.

If you are having a group of like-minded people, sharing the same interests, don’t hesitate to introduce them to Heartbeat Vietnam as one more common concern so that everyone can donate and support together. Once your team gives your heart to the children with congenital heart defects in need, you are bringing your members closer to each other, thus, strengthening your bonding and your solidarity.

Hyundai Walk 1 event on 15th of December 2020

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