Born in 2021 in Quang Ngai, An Nhien was diagnosed with congenital heart defects since birth. An Nhien’s condition worsened from the beginning of 2022, which eventually compelled her family to take her to Tam Duc Heart Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City for a medical check-up. The family situation is very difficult. Working as a fisherman, Nhien’s father is the main breadwinner of the household while her mother works as a temporary waitress at the local milk tea shop. The family lives with An Nhien’s grandparents. Her grandfather had just undergone surgery for herniated disc, and her grandmother just concurred a serious spinal injury.

Kim Yen was born in 2021 in Kien Giang. The baby was diagnosed with congenital heart defects at barely 7 months old. After numerous hospital visits and medications, Kim Yen was scheduled for surgery as soon as possible to close her ventricular septal defect. She is her family’s firstborn. Her father’s income ranges around a few hundred thousand for every trip to the sea. Depending on the manpower allocation, one trip could last up to three days and follow by a few days off. Yen’s father is the main source of income, while her mother is a housewife. Their living space is a small, rented room in Nam Du commune with a rental cost of 1 million dong/month.

Through the Heartbeat Vietnam program and Give Away Vietnam’s “From Closet to Heart” project, the surgical costs for both An Nhien and Kim Yen were covered. After their operations, An Nhien has been discharged from the hospital in June 2022 with stable health, and Kim Yen is still being treated at the hospital. On September 22, Heartbeat Vietnam (HBVN) and Give Away Vietnam visited An Nhien and Kim Yen at Tam Duc Heart Hospital. During the meeting, the two children’s families were extremely touched by HBVN and GiveAway Vietnam’s efforts in giving them another chance to live.

Collaborating with HBVN since May 2021, GiveAway has financed surgeries for 9 disadvantaged children with congenital heart defects and this progress is still going on. HBVN would like to express our sincere thanks to Give Away Vietnam Company for accompanying us on this journey.

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