On July 30, 2022, VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) and Handong E&C had a meaningful Saturday with “????? ????? – bringing love to pediatric patients and their families that undergoing long-term treatment at Children’s Hospital 2 – HCMC”.

The program gave out 200 lunch meals for 200 children in difficult circumstances who were being treated at the Oncology Department and Cardiology Department at Children’s Hospital 2 – HCMC. In addition, Handong E&C has prepared 200 gifts including booklets and pens to bring more joyful moments for the children during their treatment. Hopefully, they will get well soon and return to their lovely homes.

VCF would like to sincerely thank the Handong E&C team for bringing a meaningful “Happy Lunch” program for disadvantaged children and families at Children’s Hospital 2 – HCMC. VCF also thanks Speedyfood – a favorite convenient food delivery app that has deducted 5,000 VND from each lunch order above to contribute to VCF to support disadvantaged children. This meaningful activity has contributed to reducing the financial burden for these families, helping to improve both their physical and mental health during their treatment at the hospital.

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