This is Hard Rock Heals Foundation’s second $5000 donation to Heartbeat Vietnam – a program of VinaCapital Foundation – which saved 4 children with congenital heart defects. Recently, we visited 3 of those recipients, Dan, An, and Kiet, at Tam Duc Heart Hospital. VinaCapital Foundation is grateful for their support this year and in the future.

Our 6-month-old hero Kiet successfully underwent heart surgery. Kiet proved energetic as he crawled over the hospital beds. We rejoice that Kiet will not remember the pain he suffered in his first months of life.

Dan and An are two friends from the same province. They scurried around, laughed, and ate the Kit Kat’s that Hard Rock Cafe brought them.

2-year-old Dan’s parents, unable to afford surgery, would have continued to buy medicine for her that would only provide temporary relief.

An was among 76 children diagnosed with congenital heart defects in the Outreach Clinic at Ninh Thuan. Her family never thought they could pay for an operation.

Thanks to Hard Rock’s donation, Dan and An will have surgery within the next week. We wish them luck!

Once again, VinaCapital Foundation would like to thank Hard Rock Cafe and the team for their wonderful support for the past 2 years. Cheers to more years of having Hard Rock Cafe as our companion in this life–saving journey.

More pictures from the hospital visit to Hard Rock Cafe:

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