This year, SSIS Idol – an annual talent show held by Heartbeat Vietnam – SSIS Club at Saigon South International School – successfully raised 85,000,000 VND for Heartbeat Vietnam. Today, the Club members came to VCF’s office and met 3 children with congenital heart defects that they saved with that fund. The members had the chance to talk with the families and gave gifts to the children, witnessing the lives they have changed and having fun at coloring with the kids.

Founded in 2009, Heartbeat Vietnam SSIS Club has raised funds for Heartbeat Vietnam for more than 10 years and saved 46 children with congenital heart defects until now. In 2010, students also donated 2 crash carts for VCF’s Critical Response program.

Thanks to the participants and organizers’ passion and hard work, Heartbeat Vietnam can heal little hearts, empower mothers and improve families for a brighter future. VinaCapital Foundation would like to thank all generations of Heartbeat Vietnam SSIS Club for always wholeheartedly supporting VCF and Heartbeat Vietnam, and we look forward to collaborating with you again soon.

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