With immense joy, VinaCapital Foundation and Heartbeat Vietnam came together in a heartwarming union with our dear friends from Helping Hand Helping Hearts earlier this week. Together, we paid a visit and brought gifts to children undergoing treatment for their congenital heart defect at the Heart Institute in Ho Chi Minh City to encourage them on their healing journey. Witnessing more children receiving the opportunity to have healthy hearts filled us with immense happiness, and it brings us great joy to see their progress and improved health.

Since 2009, Helping Hand Helping Hearts has been an exceptional companion in our mission to sponsor life-saving surgeries for underprivileged children with congenital heart defects. Thanks to their precious contribution, 146 little hearts have been saved and provided with the care they need.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sue and Jenny, the co-founders of Helping Hand Helping Hearts, as well as to all the loving arms who have joined hands with us, spreading love and kindness to children in need in Vietnam. Together, we firmly believe that many more precious lives will be saved in the future.

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