VCF’s Critical Response Program in cooperation with HSBC Vietnam to build healthcare capacity in Kon Tum Province by providing an APLS training course to 26 medical professionals in November 2017. These doctors were trained and certified in Advanced Pediatric Life Support thanks to the generous donation from HSBC Vietnam.

The internationally recognized APLS course provides the knowledge and skills necessary for recognition, effective treatment and stabilization of children with life threatening emergencies, using a structured, sequential team approach.

Our Critical Response Program not only provides emergency pediatric life support training, it also provides donations of fully stocked crash carts with all the necessary life-saving equipment to assist children in respiratory or cardiac arrest.

Since 2009 over 128,000 children have been saved, 838 doctors and 271 nurses have been trained and certified in Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and 136 life-saving Crash Carts have been donated.

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