On 16th June, representatives from Hyundai Walk 1’s event organizers came to University Medical Center to visit Vo Kha Han – one of the 6 children with congenital heart defects that were saved by the Hyundai Walk 1 Event.

Han has just been transferred to the general ward after 43 days in the intensive care unit since undergoing surgery on April 20, when she was only 4 months old. Diagnosed with congenital heart defects at 22 weeks inside her mother’s womb and born with a complicated CHD which requires multiple interventions, Han was fortunate to be saved on time thanks to the help of Hyundai Walk 1 and Heartbeat Vietnam.

In the coming months, Han will continue to have another major surgery if she is healthy enough. Hopefully the companion of Hyundai Walk 1 and Heartbeat Vietnam can empower the little girl and her family to overcome this challenge. As one member of the organizers said to Han: “Stay strong and keep fighting our baby”, we wish our brave little heart will soon recover so she can continue to grow healthily and her family is reunited again.

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