On the morning of December 15th, 2019 in Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2, Tucson & Friends Club, and Hyundai Saigon Associations in cooperation with Otosaigon held an event called Hyundai Walk 1 to raise funds for children’s heart surgery.

Hyundai Walk 1 is a car-puzzle event to raise funds to support heart surgeries for babies with congenital heart defects. The event has been attended by more than 70 participating cars from Hyundai car groups such as Tucson & Friends Club (TF), Accent Saigon Club (ASC), Elantra Saigon Club (ESG), Hyundai Dealership Ngoc An, and Hyundai Dealership Tay Do.

Sharing at the event, a representative of TC MOTOR expressed his excitement and joy with the offline meeting for a humane cause to bring a better future for Vietnamese children

The money raised from donors such as Tucson & Friends Club, Hyundai Associations, Hyundai Dealership Ngoc An, Hyundai Tay Do, and especially TC MOTOR has reached more than 158 million VND – 5 times more than originally expected. This means that more hearts will have the opportunity to be cured. Accompanying this significant event is the presence of Passio Tuning and other Hyundai dealers.

Hyundai Ngoc An donates the amount of 10 million VND to Heartbeat Vietnam​

A representative of Tucson & Friends Club, Mr. Phuoc Nguyen shared: “Many years ago, my family had a member with congenital heart defects that could not be cured due to medical conditions at that time. Nowadays, with more advances in medicine and technologies, we just need timely treatment of children with congenital heart defects in order for them to have the opportunity to live healthy lives. So, many brothers in Tucson & Friends Club and I came up with the idea and found shared enthusiasm from sponsors and companion clubs to organize this very first offline event.”

TC MOTOR donated the amount of 70 million VND to the representative of Heartbeat Vietnam​

The remaining money was donated from the compassion of Hyundai association with Tucson & Friends (55 million VND), Elantra Saigon Club (20 million VND), and Hyundai Tay Đo (3.5 million VND)​

All proceeds will be used to support heart surgery for 6 children with congenital heart defects through the Heartbeat Vietnam Fund.

The car-puzzle session is modeled after the annual Elephant Walk of the US Air Force, adopting the spirit of the strength of one of the world’s strongest armies to raise a call to join hands and bring healthy hearts to unfortunate children.

Once again, Heartbeat Vietnam would like to express our sincere gratitude for the wonderful contributions of sponsors in the Hyundai Walk 1 event. See you at the next events on a larger scale and attract even more good Samaritans.

Other images from the event:

Tucson & Friends Club

Elantra Saigon Club

Accent Saigon Club​

Hyundai Tay Đo

Hyundai Ngoc An

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