“As a translator volunteer for the Survive to Thrive program, and as a H’Mong ethnic minority member born and raised in a remote village myself, I could understand the barriers that ethnic minority families living in rural areas have to face when accessing healthcare services. The support from the program truly brings miracles to vulnerable newborns here,” said Hoang Thi Lin, a talented ethnic minority female student receiving scholarships from VinaCapital Foundation’s (VCF) Brighter Path program and also volunteering for the Survive to Thrive program of VCF.

While making Vietnamese subtitles for the sharing of H’Mong parents whose children were saved using medical equipment sponsored by the Survive to Thrive program, Hoang Thi Lin was deeply touched when listening to their stories and was reminded of the arduous visits to the hospital that she experienced in her childhood. Upon realizing how the Survive to Thrive program had helped many ethnic minority children gain access to high-quality healthcare, Hoang Thi Lin sent a sincere message of gratitude to the program.

In remote and mountainous areas, many infants born with neonatal illnesses may be unable to celebrate their first birthday due to the lack of emergency care. According to UNICEF statistics, in Vietnam, the infant mortality rate in highland areas is 3-4 times higher than that in the delta region. For 13 years since its inception, the efforts of the Survive to Thrive program have not only saved the lives of infants in remote areas but also touched the hearts of many local volunteers, doctors, and partners. The recognition from beneficiary communities is the motivation for the Survive to Thrive program to continue the journey of building capacity for neonatal care where it is needed the most. By collaborating and connecting with partners, supporters, and local communities, VCF is spreading impact and strengthening our journey to improve Vietnamese’s quality of life and access to healthcare.

In addition to the contributions from donors, VCF still seeks the support of many volunteers and partners to bring healthcare and education solutions to children across Vietnam, especially in remote and underprivileged areas. Learn more about VCF’s program and take action with us HERE.

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