Last International Children’s Day, VinaCapital Foundation and Repsol Viet Nam officially launched the program, “Let’s protect the environment with Repsol.” Through the program, the people of Ho Chi Minh City can gain awareness towards creating a green, clean lifestyle and preserving a healthy environment for city children.

Only when living in a clean and safe environment can children grow up healthy, learn, play, and explore their full potential. However, in huge cities like Ho Chi Minh City, ensuring such an environment for families is challenging.

The most noticeable difficulty is the dramatic rise of domestic waste, especially types of plastic that cannot be decomposed. Not only that, domestic waste is often not sorted to be recycled. Repsol and VCF hope to raise children’s awareness at this young age through fun and educational activities so that they can reduce littering and plastic packaging in the future.

Mr. Jesus Chillon, Director of Repsol Vietnam shared with the children

Lessons like how to classify garbage, how to clean their homes and classrooms, as well as creative recycling ideas, will also be introduced when the program comes to schools in the city.

Children taking part in Classifying trash game

We believe that every child can be a warrior. Their bright, cheerful energy when combined with useful and creative knowledge about the environment will create a positive change that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Repsol Environmental Protection Warriors of Ho Chi Minh City! Let’s join Repsol to fight for a green life! More and more exciting online as well as face-to-face activities are awaiting the youthful knights!

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