Today, students from Kiko Montessori Preschool came to VCF office to visit Heartbeat Vietnam team and handed the fund raised from their annual Spring Fair. The kids had so much fun studying about our work, looking at the pictures and talking to VCF staff!

Since 2018, through the annual Spring Fair, Kiko Montessori Preschool teachers, students and parents have successfully raised 59,705,000 VNĐ ($ 2,587) for Heartbeat Vietnam – VCF to support children with congenital heart defects from selling handmade products by the students at the fair.

We are grateful for all the teachers, school staff, students, and parents of Kiko Montessori Preschool for their incredible support and companionship on the journey of saving little hearts, empowering mothers and bringing a brighter future to their families. VCF and Heartbeat Vietnam look forward to working again with the children soon.

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