On September 28, Heartbeat Vietnam, KinTan Jewelry company, and Top 5 Miss Universe 2022 Le Hoang Phuong went to City Children’s Hospital to visit 6 babies who benefit from the Heartbeat Vietnam program supported by KinTan Jewelry company and Miss Hoang Phuong. Previously, in August 2022, KinTan Jewelry and Miss Hoang Phuong donated to the HBVN program to provide life-saving heart surgery to 12 poor children with congenital heart defects.

In this hospital visit, Hoang Phuong also met Minh Duc and his family. Fortunately, Hoang Phuong’s mother and Minh Duc’s father are from the same hometown of Quang Tri province. Understanding his family situation and Minh Duc’s health status, Hoang Phuong and her mother connected Minh Duc’s family to the Heartbeat Vietnam program. Thanks to that, Minh Duc had successful heart surgery in June 2021 also at City Children’s Hospital. In addition, in August 2021, Minh Duc’s family is also one of the families supported by HBVN during the Covid-19 pandemic in Ho Chi Minh City.

HBVN would like to express our appreciation to KinTan Jewelry and Miss Hoang Phuong for their collaboration and companionship in caring for these children.

Please continue to accompany and support us in our different programs!

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