The Action Month for Children in June 2023 under the theme “Joining hands to reduce harm to children” once again reminds us that children are vulnerable, and especially in need of our protection and support to reach their physical and mental potential.

Ensuring children’s rights, especially the ones with disadvantaged living conditions, has always been a priority of the VinaCapital Foundation (VCF). In order for these young children to have the opportunity to grow up healthy and become strong pillars of our nation, VCF has made efforts to understand the obstacles they are facing and has created practical solutions in terms of healthcare and education to save lives and provide access to schooling for numerous children:

  • Helped over 300,000 young children through Rural Outreach Clinics and sponsored more than 10,000 children facing disadvantaged circumstances to receive heart surgeries for their congenital heart defects
  • Protected, encouraged, and provided long-term healthcare plans for orphaned children during the pandemic
  • Awarded scholarships to more than 1,300 talented ethnic minority female students to continue access to quality education
  • Provided 141 remoted healthcare clinics with necessary neonatal medical equipment to help save thousands of infants across rural areas
  • Installed nearly 100 water filtration systems for underprivileged schools and hospitals

At VCF, every day is an Action Day for children. Several of our young beneficiaries have grown up to become inspiring role models, continuing to spread love and kindness to their communities. This is the motivation and pride that drives VCF to keep on listening and innovating to bring a brighter future for disadvantaged young children.

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