“The Music Storytelling Concert” is an overwhelming success on the night of December 8th at the International School Ho Chi Minh City – Secondary campus (ISHCMC). This charity event is a joint effort of Heartbeat Vietnam and Program Director – Korean Violinist Jmi Ko.

More than 40 members of The Vietnam International Youth Music (Orchestra, Choir, Piano) have continuously practiced for more than 6 weeks to present a magnificent night of various joyful and melodious ensembles with lots of emotion. The concert received great support from ISHCMC.

Principal Adrian Watts has consistently supported the organization of the concert from the first days. Moreover, the Parents Organization of ISHCMC and many other volunteer students also enthusiastically took part in the preparation and organization for the concert as it would serve a more noble cause of saving children with congenital heart defects.

Heartbeat Vietnam has helped make the elegant booklet for the concert to present all the contributors and participants in the program.

Mr. Rad Kivette, CEO, and Executive Director of The VinaCapital Foundation was so proud to watch the children perform the loving pieces of music on stage. It is the talent of the students that become the greatest motivation for Heartbeat Vietnam to co–organize the concert. We believe that this will be the foundation for the students to spread meaningful activities for the community to their friends and relatives.

Heartbeat Vietnam wishes to continue to accompany artist Jmi Ko in the future to bring music and love to move more heart-loving hearts and save many more unfortunate children born with heart defects.

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