This Mid-Autumn season, the children at Tam Duc Heart Hospital had a chance to enjoy a Loving Mid-Autumn festival on September 7 organized by Heartbeat Vietnam and PEB Steel Buildings Ltd. Co with much happiness and warmth even when they had just had heart surgeries or were being treated before the surgeries or interventions.

PEB Steel employees and CIS volunteers taking pictures with Mr. Adib Kouteili, Co-founder and Director of PEB Steel Buildings Ltd. Co; Mr. Rad Kivette, CEO of The VinaCapital Foundation; and Ms. Mai Lan, Vice President of Tam Duc Heart hospital

Additionally, on the morning of September 11, PEB Steel representatives visited and gave early Mid-Autumn presents to the children and their families at the Cardiovascular Operation Department of the University Medical Center.

Representatives of PEB Steel taking photos with Mr. Rad Kivette, Doctor Dinh, Vice Head of Cardiovascular Operation Department, University Medical Center, and other staff of VCF and UMC

In the Loving Mid-Autumn festival last week at Tam Duc Heart hospital, parents of the children, as well as the volunteers from PEB Steel, Canadian International School (CIS), and Heartbeat Vietnam were filled with joy and happiness to see the pure joy of the children while enjoying the event. The children played with colorful balloons of all shapes made by the clown and the toys made from rice Tò he by the craftsman.

Some children enjoyed eating the tasteful mooncakes and took part in the traditional games led by Chi Hang and Chu Cuoi…

The joyful atmosphere of the event made us realize how essential it is to bring smiles and optimism to the children to heal their hearts besides the dedicated care and love of the medical staff of Tam Duc Heart hospital.

Mr. Adib Kouteili, Co-Founder and Director of PEB Steel Buildings Ltd. Co, shared that he and his family had long been supporting VCF’s activities for many years and put all his trust in the social workers at VCF. He believed VCF would accompany him and his company to bring positive impacts to the lives of Vietnamese children, whose country he has been living and working for the past 25 years.

Mr. Adib Kouteili, Co-founder and Director of PEB Steel Buildings Ltd. Co; Mr. Rad Kivette, CEO of The VinaCapital Foundation; and Ms. Mai Lan, Vice President of Tam Duc Heart hospital

“These children I met today all become healthy after heart surgeries. They are able to play, to sing with their friends. This is a wonderful result of saving them just in time. The sooner we take action to help the children, the better the recovery process for them. I am extremely happy to witness the fruitful result of joining the hand efforts of PEB Steel and Heartbeat Vietnam in saving the children.”

Also on the morning of September 11, representatives of PEB Steel và VinaCapital Foundation came to visit and talk to the children at the Cardiovascular Surgery Department of the University Medical Center. They were warmly welcomed by the doctors and social workers at the hospital. Coming to each room at the department to give Mid-Autumn presents to the children, the representatives enjoyed seeing the children play with adorable teddy bears, lanterns, and mooncakes.

Mr. Rad Kivette and Mrs. Tran Thi Hanh, Human resources manager of PEB Steel Buildings Ltd. Co. taking a photo with a girl preparing to get her heart surgery

We wish the children a lot of health to enjoy Mid-Autumn festivals this year and more years to come as this is part of the journey towards a bright future for them.

Once again, VinaCapital Foundation and Heartbeat Vietnam would like to express our gratitude towards PEB Steel for your incredible companionship to save the lives of 2 children suffering from congenital heart defects.

Baby Hai Dang just had heart surgery thanks to the donation from PEB Steel

Thanh Long, suffering from many severe congenital heart defects such as atrioventricular septal defect, Double outlet right ventricle, Pulmonary atresia, Ventricular septal defect, Uni ventricular Heart, had a successful heart surgery in August right after receiving a donation from PEB Steel. He is recovering from heart surgery.

We also thank the support of volunteers from CIS and Singer Y Kroc for the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 7.

We wish to continue our partnership with PEB Steel in the future to bring more laughter and excitement to the children.

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