Today, PEB Steel Buildings’ senior staff visited the VinaCapital Foundation’s office to present a donation of one clean water system to VCF’s “Our Hearts To Central Vietnam” campaign. This precious support will benefit around 400 patients each month in Tra Leng Commune Health Centre in Nam Tra My District, Quang Nam province. The patients will get access to safer water and better health care services, especially for those who are affected by the historical storms and landslides last year.
Since 2012, PEB Steel Buildings has greatly contributed to Heartbeat Vietnam – VCF and supported 4 children with congenital heart defects to undergo surgery in 2013, 2014 and 2019 accordingly. In partnership with Heartbeat Vietnam, they also brought lots of joy and a heart-warming Mid-Autumn Festival to all the pediatric patients at Tam Duc Hospital in 2019.
Thank you PEB Steel Buildings for all your love and contribution to disadvantaged children and families across the country. Let’s keep on joining hands together to bring a better and healthier future for all!

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