The little girl Nha Ca underwent her first heart surgery in March 2014 when she was only 2 years old. Following that, she went through a series of surgeries to gradually repair the complex congenital heart defects, with the support of the Heartbeat Vietnam program by VinaCapital Foundation and other kind-hearted donors.

After years of battling, Nha Ca’s health gradually stabilized. The day the doctors announced that Nha Ca no longer had to worry about further interventions or heart surgeries in the near future, Nha Ca’s mother embraced her little daughter in pure happiness.

Putting an end to the frequent hospital visits, Nha Ca returned to school with a keen spirit for learning and resilience. Seeing Nha Ca’s vibrant and healthy appearance in her school uniform, few could imagine that she was a courageous “heart warrior.” Now, she can study with peace of mind. The worries and financial burdens of medical expenses for her treatment have vanished, allowing her parents to focus on work and improve their family’s life.

All this joy stems from the miracle of a healthy heart. Witnessing the happiness of these little children and their families serves as the driving force for the Heartbeat Vietnam program on our journey of healing children in need. Donate today and join hands with us to bring the miracle of healing to as many children with congenital heart defects as possible.

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