On March 23, 2024, Gamuda Land, together with the Heartbeat Vietnam program of the VinaCapital Foundation, successfully organized the annual charity run – Run For The Heart 2024. After more than 2 months of implementation, the program raised a total of 6,088,110,000 VND and attracted over 5,000 participants running in Yen So Park, Hanoi.

First organized in 2013, Run For The Heart is one of the first charity runs aimed at fundraising for surgeries for underprivileged children with congenital heart defects. Prior to the 10th event, the program had witnessed the involvement of more than 115,000 participants and accumulated funds amounting to 40.6 billion VND, enabling surgeries for 1,549 pediatric patients.

This year, marking its 10th season, the Run for the Heart event has also achieved impressive results by raising a total donation amount of over 46 billion VND.

Speaking at the event, Mr. James Lai Siaw Pin, CEO of Gamuda Land Vietnam, shared, “Over the past 10 years, Run For The Heart has become a symbol of community connection, empathy, and hidden compassion. The 10th edition of Run For The Heart is coming to a close, but it opens up bright opportunities for the lives of these children. We hope that not only this year but in the years to come, the program will continue to receive the love, trust, and support of individuals, organizations, and businesses… to provide even more opportunities for free heart surgeries for these young children.”

Mr. Rad Kivette, CEO of VinaCapital Foundation, also expressed, “From the bottom of our hearts, the entire team at VinaCapital Foundation and the Heartbeat Vietnam program would like to sincerely thank all the kind-hearted individuals, sponsors, and the community for creating a truly miraculous Run For The Heart 2024 event. We extend our gratitude to Gamuda Land Vietnam and the Hoang Mai District Labor Union for contributing to the success of Run For The Heart 2024. From here, hundreds of more children will receive treatment for congenital heart defect, opening up opportunities for healthier lives and relieving families from financial burdens, paving the way for a brighter future.”

The series of fundraising events for Run for the Heart 2024 took place from mid-January, combining both online and offline activities, providing many exciting experiences. The highlight of the program was the running race held on March 23rd at Yen So Park, which attracted over 5,000 participants, including professional athletes, sports enthusiasts, and young children.

With the theme “Run With Rhythm,” this year’s Run For The Heart race brought many exciting innovations on the track. Each rest station was transformed into a music support station, where many participants brought instruments such as guitars, flutes, and shakers to create their own melodies and rhythms.

Compared to previous years, this is also the first time that Run For The Heart organized two distances: the Pro Run 10km for professional athletes or non-professional runners, and the Fun Run 3km for families with young children. The race also featured obstacle challenges such as bubbles, tires, and ropes designed right on the racecourse.

Participants in Run For The Heart 2024 expressed enthusiasm and highly appreciated the innovations and vibrant atmosphere that the race brought. Especially, many young children had the opportunity to participate for the first time and left a strong impression by completing the 3km or even the 10km distance without any assistance. This is also what Run For The Heart always aims for: not only spreading the spirit of compassion from adults to children but also promoting the spirit of physical exercise, health improvement, for a healthier Vietnam.

In addition to the warm response from the community, the program also received generous support and companionship from sponsors, individuals, and partners such as the Hoang Mai District Labor Union, Hanoi City, and Vietnam Children’s Fund Social Enterprise.

Run For The Heart 2024 has officially come to a close, but with many “footsteps keeping the heartbeat going” from the community, the program promises to return with even more enthusiasm and success in the coming year, to support and fulfill the dreams of an increasing number of children with congenital heart defect.

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