Mrs. To Uyen, the mother of twins Bao Chau and Ngoc Chau born in 2021, was overcome with joy upon welcoming the babies into her family. Unfortunately, this happiness was fleeting. During a prenatal check-up at 23 weeks, the doctor discovered that both babies had congenital heart defects. At birth, Ngoc Chau weighed 3kg, while Bao Chau weighed only 2kg. Due to frequent minor colds, fevers, and a purplish tinge to the lips, the children required regular checkups at Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital every 3-4 months.

Aside from the twins, the family has a 15-year-old firstborn daughter who is currently in 9th grade. Due to terrible family circumstances, Mrs. To Uyen, her children, and her mother must reside in an aunt’s home in Can Tho City’s Binh Thuy District while her husband stays in Phong Dien District to care for his ailing parents. In conjunction with the burdens of the firstborn daughter’s tuition and day-to-day family living expenses, the medical costs for Bao Chau and Ngoc Chau’s heart conditions threw the family into further disarray. Mrs. To Uyen felt completely helpless and hopeless after the twins were admitted to the hospital. “I want nothing more than for them to be healthy like other children,” cried Mrs. To Uyen as she recalled roaming the city with her husband looking for opportunities to heal their children’s hearts.

The children underwent successful heart surgeries thanks to Z1 For the Heart’s sponsorship through Heartbeat Vietnam. The Heartbeat Vietnam and Z1 Zumba Team were overjoyed to see the twins’ improved health when visiting the family’s old brick home. The program also shares the family’s difficulties and commits to accompanying the children on this heart-healing journey.

We hope that many other sponsors, such as Z1 Zumba Team, will join us on this upcoming journey to help save more children like Bao Chau and Ngoc Chau.

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