Soutien Feminin (English: Women Support) is a student-led Non-Profit operating in the South of Vietnam. Its aim is to provide women and schoolgirls with the necessary sanitary products, ranging from sanitary napkins to toothbrushes. Wishing to give all women equal access to healthcare and reduce the inequality gap through hygiene, the organization recognizes the urgency to act in some regions of Vietnam and hopes to defy the stigmatization of menstruation by preaching the importance of hygiene and sanitation.

Every year, the Soutien Femimin group, led by Maria Kouteili, travels to Tra Vinh Province – a poor and underdeveloped region in the South of Vietnam – to educate women and the community on personal sanitation and provide them with essential goods. Recently, Soutien Feminin sold tote bags with the message of “Hygiene is not a luxury” to raise awareness and donated all profits of 20,000,000 VND to the Brighter Path program – VinaCapital Foundation. SF’s contribution will assist Brighter Path in upcoming activities, supporting our scholars in their development and future path.

Thank you Maria Kouteili and all SF members for implementing such a meaningful project and accompanying us on this journey of empowering women. Let’s continue supporting women and girls to have a healthier and brighter future!

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