Baby twins Nong Van Trai 1 and 2 from the Tay ethnic minority were immediately admitted to Cao Bang General Hospital right after birth on August, 12th 2019. The newborns’ health condition was critical upon admission as their bodies turned blue. The twins were diagnosed with premature birth syndrome and respiratory failure. The doctors helped them breathe through a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine donated by VinaCapital Foundation, put a sonde tube in their stomachs, suctioned sputum, squeezed an Ambu bag, measured their Peripheral Oxygen (SPO2) levels then placed them in the phototherapy machine. After 16 days of treatment, intensive care, and normal breastfeeding, the baby twins recovered, maintained stable health conditions, and were discharged from the hospital.

Prior to the support from Survive to Thrive of VCF, Cao Bang General Hospital had Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) and phototherapy machines, but the amount was not sufficient enough to meet the needs of all patients. With the lack of machines, patients with respiratory failures, especially premature infants were given normal oxygen and later transferred to higher-level hospitals. This procedure leads to a higher rate of mortality, higher medical examination and treatment fees, as well as increased waiting time due to long distances and difficult transportation to provincial hospitals.

With the CPAP machines donated by VCF, doctors and nurses have been better equipped to monitor patients’ survival indices more closely and precisely as well as provide respiratory support earlier and more effectively. More machines mean more patients are treated on time. The machines also help to diagnose congenital heart defects thanks to their ability to measure the Saturation of the Peripheral oxygen (SPO2) index. More importantly, premature babies receive continuous positive airway pressure, which improves the outcome of their medical treatment at the hospital. Prior to VCF’s phototherapy donation, there were only 2 machines to support a large number of patients with yellow jaundice. On average, 1 device would have to serve 3 to 4 patients, which is an impossibility. Now with more machines, patients are actively treated and they no longer have to share equipment. As a result, the number of hospital referrals has been reduced and there are more discharge cases than ever before at the local level.

Not only did VinaCapital Foundation provide the health center with crucial equipment, but also trained doctors and nurses in neonatal and pediatric emergency care, helping them improve emergency skills. This results in early diagnosis and better treatment and care for all patients.

All of these incredible changes in not only Cao Bang General Hospital but also in many medical centers across Vietnam have been made possible thanks to the donation and support from our donors and partners. You have played a huge role in saving lives, improving the quality of health services, and encouraging doctors and nurses to be more effective in their work.

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