On January 5th, Thanh Ha Fish Sauce Co. Ltd. and The VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) jointly implement the VCF’s pediatric capacity program Critical Response in Kien Giang, seeking to support the provincial Health Department and hospitals to provide quality healthcare services for Kien Giang’s children. This activity is in conjunction with Thanh Ha’s CSR strategy to support the continuing development of quality of life for the people of Kien Giang, the home of Thanh Ha fish sauce production with a 100-year history.
The program will be funded by VND 233.5 million (equivalent to USD 10,000) as Thanh Ha pledges to give VND 1,000 from each fish sauce product sold in 2019. This amount is sufficient to give the Pediatric Department of Kien Giang General Hospital its first emergency crash cart. The specially designed cart is stocked with emergency care equipment including a defibrillator, a portable suction pump, respiratory devices, and other basic tools which are arranged to support medical staff’s immediate response when a child is in urgent conditions and help reduce current overload in the Pediatric Department and Kien Giang General Hospital.
The program also provides a Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) training course for 32 doctors from 14 Kien Giang hospitals who will be trained by 8 teachers from the Pediatric Department of Ho Chi Minh City Medical University. PALS is built and tested for quality by the US healthcare organizations and, customized in Vietnam to fit the country’s current situation, and recommended to be taught nationwide by the Ministry of Health. During the 2-day course, trainees will learn updated knowledge and practice in teams for immediate response in pediatric emergent situations including cardiac and respiratory arrests, severe injuries, and other life-threatening conditions.
“I believe Thanh Ha’s contribution will effectively assist Kien Giang’s ongoing efforts to provide quality healthcare for the province’s children, including sons and daughters of the fishermen whose hard work on long trips to the sea has supplied Thanh Ha with high-quality ingredients for our renowned Phu Quoc traditional fish sauce. Our wish is to support those families with better healthcare for their children and help build a healthier, brighter future for children of our homeland Kien Giang,” said Ms. Nguyen Thi Viet Ha, CEO of Thanh Ha Fish Sauce Ltd.
“VCF has been supporting Kien Giang through our programs, including sponsoring 127 surgeries for children with congenital heart defects. We are thrilled to see a better quality of life for the Kien Giang people every year we come back, but the remote districts and communes still need help to improve medical services to adults and children. We deeply appreciate Thanh Ha’s generous support and trust in VCF to help implement the company’s CSR activities and give back to their community. We hope that these values will be shared widely in the Vietnam business community” Said Mr. Don Lam, VCF Chairman.
This is not the first time Thanh Ha and VCF together support healthcare capacity in Kien Giang. In 2014, Thanh Ha sponsored 2 crash carts and 1 PALS training course for Phu Quoc district hospital and commune health centers. Approximately 40,000 patients received care from Phu Quoc PALS trainees and 400 lives were saved with the crash carts.
Since 2009, Critical Response has, directly and indirectly, saved over 141,000 children across Vietnam.

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