Minh Tam, 14 years old, from Tien Giang province, used to be a little girl with congenital heart defects that Heartbeat Vietnam saved 8 years ago with SPE. We can still recall she was a thin, small and shy girl during our hospital visit with SPE staff a few days after her successful surgery in 2014.

In the eyes of Tam’s mother, Minh Tam was a very special girl and she was so happy and thankful that her daughter could have a healthy heart as her peers. For 8 years since her surgery, Heartbeat Vietnam has kept in touch with Minh Tam and her mother to update about their situation including Minh Tam’s study. She has been in the top 10 best students for 8 consecutive years. Although there are a lot of challenges, Minh Tam’s mother has always been trying her best to raise her child.

In 2021, Minh Tam’s mother lost her job for over 2 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Once again, life went in the way she never expected. Her only concern was that she could not afford the equipment for Minh Tam’s online learning. In quick response to help Minh Tam continue to study, the HBVN program has provided Minh Tam with a new laptop. Both Minh Tam and her mother could not hide their excitement and gratitude for this gift. Tam also promised to maintain her great achievement in her study, so she can be ready for high school next year.

In July 2022, Tam’s mother proudly shared her daughter’s entrance exam results with Heartbeat Vietnam. She was admitted to Grade 10 of Tien Giang High School for the Gifted with the scores of 10 for Math, 9.75 for English, and 9.25 for Literature. “From a sick child, my daughter now becomes a young and energetic 15-year-old girl. We are very grateful for the sponsors, organizations, and individuals for helping Minh Tam’s study. Although this journey is still long, I will continue to work hard every day to support Tam in her future.”, Tam’s mother said about her daughter’s achievement.

Minh Tam is one of the typical cases that shows the long-lasting impact of our life-saving program. All children can have a bright life if they have a healthy heart and support from the community. More than ever, HBVN urgently needs you to join us in building a better future for children like Minh Tam.

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