Meeting Dinh Tien with bright smiles at the Heart Center – Hanoi E Hospital after his surgery, few people know that this 11-year-old boy had to undergo 3 surgeries to heal his heart.

Dinh Tien was only 2 months old when he was admitted to the hospital with shortness of breath and bronchitis, then he was transferred to Saint Paul Hospital in Hanoi. He was diagnosed with severe congenital heart defects and was urgently transferred to the Heart Center – Hanoi E Hospital for treatment. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of doctors and the persistence of his family, Dinh Tien, only a 7-month-old baby at that time, was saved and discharged from the hospital after more than 1 month. He was closely monitored with regular check-ups and underwent one more surgery when he was 18 months old from which he quickly recovered.

At the age of 4, Tien was assigned a third surgery. However, his parents only could afford to pay for his re-examination and medicine treatment at Hanoi E Hospital. By mid-2022, Dinh Tien was hospitalized and required urgent surgery to maintain his life. The surgery cost is up to 90,000,000 VND which exceeded his family’s financial ability.

Luck smiled on Dinh Tien’s family when doctors at Hanoi E Hospital directed the family to the hospital’s Social Work Department to apply for free heart surgery. After only 3 days, his registration form was completed and was immediately sent to the Heartbeat Vietnam program for sponsorship. Heartbeat Vietnam assisted the boy in time and his heart is finally healed.

After this third surgery, Dinh Tien’s health has remarkably improved. He is now able to ride a bike. As an intelligent boy, he loves going to school. In spite of his health status and regular absence from school, he has made great efforts to keep up with friends and studied well for the past 6 years.

With the support of Heartbeat Vietnam, our donors, and the hospital’s Social Work Department, Tien and other children with congenital heart defects will have a healthier life and a better future. Please join us to help more children with congenital heart defects receive their timely surgeries and open the door to a brighter life for their families.

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