Nong Thi Tiem, a determined female student from the Tay ethnic minority, had fulfilled her long-held dream of attending the prestigious Academy of Finance, thanks to the invaluable support of VinaCapital Foundation’s (VCF) Brighter Path Scholarship.

Born into a humble village nestled in the border region of Cao Bang province, Tiem and her younger brother grew up in the loving embrace of their mother after their father passed away when the girl was only 2 years old. Their livelihood relied on a small plot of land, leading to times of scarcity. Tiem understood their struggles and began assisting her mother with household chores at a young age and was determined to change their lives through education. Despite having to overcome rugged roads every day to reach school, the young student never lost her spirit. However, there were times when Tiem considered sacrificing her university dreams to support her mother and ensure her brother’s education due to their extremely difficult circumstances. Joy overflowed for Tiem and her family when she was chosen as one of the 49 outstanding ethnic minority female students to receive the Brighter Path Scholarship sponsored by VCF.

The Brighter Path Scholarship has granted this talented student the opportunity to complete both high school and university education. In 2020, Tiem excelled in the entrance exam for the Academy of Finance, her dream school. With a GPA over 3.2, she maintains an impressive academic record and actively participates in scientific research, earning scholarships along the way. Tiem fearlessly challenges herself and emerged as the first-place winner in the English Festival 2023 competition organized by the Faculty Union of Foreign Languages. Beyond academics, she holds roles such as Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union and is actively involved in various university activities, including assisting new students and volunteering for charitable programs.

“Since receiving the scholarship, my mother has faced less hardship as she no longer has to struggle to earn money for my tuition fees. From a shy girl, I have transformed into a dynamic, energetic, and confident student. I never dreamt of setting foot in big cities, but thanks to the Brighter Path Scholarship, I have visited Hanoi, Da Nang, and I am sure there will be many more new experiences that I will gain in the future.”

After completing her studies, Tiem has a strong desire to return to Cao Bang and share the knowledge she has gained with the young children in her hometown, helping them have better education and lives.

VCF and the Brighter Path program wish that Tiem will be able to achieve her desires and dreams soon. The growth of Tiem and many other talented ethnic minority female students is a source of pride and a great motivation for the Brighter Path program to continue its journey of helping students overcome practical and cultural barriers to become masters of their own lives.

Join us to follow the shining journey of these talented ethnic minority female students!

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