After more than 6 months of implementation, the Mr. Sun program and the VinaCapital Foundation have touched hundreds of children with cancer and their families. Through various meaningful activities at 7 hospitals across the country, the program has supported 200 children to receive timely and continuous treatment, bringing hope and joy to our little warriors.
From February 2021, Mr. Sun will follow his journey with the Hope Fund – a social fund that works for the community, not for profit, and is operated by VnExpress Electronic Newspaper and FPT JSC. With the goal of supporting the disadvantaged and creating motivation for development, Hope Fund will together with Mr. Sun spread the message of optimism, love and hope for a brighter future for many children with cancer.
The VinaCapital Foundation and Mr. Sun are sincerely grateful for the generosity of organizations, companies and individuals who have joined hands with us to make a change. Please continue to follow and support Mr. Sun program by following the fanpage and website to accompany the journey of helping children with cancer have a better life.

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