On September 29, 2023, Vietnam Children’s Fund Social Enterprise and VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) ‘s Survive to Thrive program presented five essential medical devices to Khanh Vinh District Medical Center, Khanh Hoa Province, with a total value of 100 million VND. Through this initiative, the Survive to Thrive program aims to provide crucial healthcare support for expectant mothers and infants to alleviate the burden on local medical teams.

The medical equipment handed over today included 01 obstetric monitor, 01 urine analyzer, 01 nebulizer, 01 multi-functional medical trolley, and 01 injection pump. These valuable contributions result from the collaborative efforts between the Survive to Thrive program and the esteemed donor, Ms. Diep Le, a content creator and inspirational figure. Ms. Diep Le has placed her trust in the Survive to Thrive program to improve healthcare quality for mothers and newborns in remote areas, particularly in reducing emergency complications and the infant mortality rate.

In addition, Ms. Diep Le generously donated 120 Mid-Autumn gifts to children at Khanh Vinh District Medical Center. The gifts included essential items such as cakes, candies, lanterns, clothing, and shoes, totaling 25 million VND. This initiative brought warmth and joy to children in challenging circumstances, particularly in remote mountainous areas like Khanh Vinh district. By providing a complete and joyful Mid-Autumn celebration, GiveAway Vietnam ensures that these children can fully participate in the festivities alongside their peers.

Ms. Diep Le said: “Having become aware of the difficulties encountered by children born with delicate health, which not only disadvantage them but can also result in their premature departure due to insufficient medical care, I have decided to dedicate myself to fundraising for this cause. Every child deserves the opportunity to grow up in a nurturing and safe environment where they are embraced with love and shielded by society.

The Khanh Vinh District Medical Center is crucial in delivering healthcare services to the local community. Nevertheless, due to various limitations, the center needs help obtaining the necessary medical equipment. Thankfully, through the assistance of the Survive to Thrive program, I had the privilege of donating essential equipment on September 29. This contribution will significantly enhance the center’s capacity to provide enhanced medical services to mothers and newborns.

Furthermore, this occasion aligns with the Mid-Autumn Festival, a beloved yearly tradition. Regrettably, not all children can experience the delight of this festive celebration. Our objective is to arrange gift-giving events for the children in our community, aiming to bring them moments of warmth and happiness while creating enduring memories of a truly remarkable Mid-Autumn Festival.”

As one of the two most challenging districts in Khanh Hoa province, with over 72% of the population belonging to ethnic minorities, Khanh Vinh district faces numerous challenges, particularly in providing healthcare for local communities. The lack of essential medical equipment for newborns in rural healthcare centers poses risks to mothers and infants, increasing referral rates and burdening higher-level hospitals. The medical equipment donated by the Survive to Thrive program and Ms. Diep Le will enhance the healthcare and emergency response capabilities for newborns and mothers in this region, providing the best possible start for infants from birth.

According to the United Nations, in 2023, approximately 16 out of every 1,000 newborns in Vietnam will die due to neonatal complications like respiratory distress and premature birth. Treating newborns requires a highly skilled medical team and specialized equipment, with significant costs. Since its inception in 2010, the Survive to Thrive program has collaborated with hospitals and healthcare centers to preserve the lives of newborns with essential neonatal care equipment. The program, initiated by the VCF, aims to reduce the infant mortality rate in Vietnam, particularly in provinces and cities with limited access to specialized healthcare services, by providing essential medical equipment and training. Over the past 13 years, the Survive to Thrive program has donated 422 medical devices to 13 provinces and cities, saving the lives of 41,538 children in Vietnam.

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