The VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) donated 1,174 complete critically needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suits to Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital to support frontline healthcare workers during the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam. This $5,000 donation provides personal protection gear for 60 medical workers at the highest risk of infection for a month.

Since the end of April 2021, Vietnam has been experiencing an extremely fast-spreading outbreak with more than 16,800 new cases in 55 municipalities and provinces. Recording high daily cases with multiple clusters in many places since the end of May, Ho Chi Minh City becomes the locality with the highest number of infections in Vietnam. This worst-ever Covid-19 wave has put intense pressure on the healthcare sector of the entire country including Ho Chi Minh City’s hospital system. VCF has also made COVID-19-related donations to Hanoi hospitals in the last month before the pandemic focus shifted to Ho Chi Minh City.

In response to the nationwide campaign to fight the epidemic, and as public hospital budgets are strained to meet the demands of ever-growing COVID patients, VinaCapital Foundation sends this essential equipment to Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital to help healthcare workers be better protected. Knowing that the virus battle will take a long time with enormous effort and the demand for medical supply is escalating, any support in this time is all welcomed and crucial for hospitals, especially the PPE that safeguards our ‘heroes’ working at risk on the frontlines. VCF is prepared to help more in the future if necessary.

Sixty Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital doctors teamed up together and divided into 3 groups of 15 healthcare workers each to take turns treating little Covid-19 patients for three working shifts per day. On average, it requires 45 PPE per day for this special high-risk infection group. Therefore, VCF‘s donation will provide personal protective gear for these 60 specialists for a month.

Doctor Nguyen Tran Nam – Deputy Director of City Children’s Hospital shares: “During the complicated situation of the epidemic, VCF’s contribution and support mean the world to all medical staff, health workers and doctors as well as patients and their families at the hospital, both physically and mentally. The hospital deeply appreciates all contributions and assistance from benefactors such as individuals, state agencies, businesses, and organizations.”

Mr. Rad Kivette, CEO of The VinaCapital Foundation, states: “Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital and VCF have worked together closely since the hospital opened. As the pandemic grows in the city, VCF wants to ensure the safety of the hospital’s staff who are on the frontline of the battlefield, our heroes. We are honored to contribute to the well-being of more than 300 inpatients and excellent caregivers at this fine hospital. We hope our support will not only provide protection but also motivation to everyone at the hospital. VCF stands behind them. This contribution also reflects the VinaCapital Group and CEO, Mr. Don Lam’s dedicated commitment to the children of Vietnam and their mothers- to provide a safe and modern healthcare environment accessible to all Vietnamese.”

This practical activity affirms VCF’s mission of providing critically needed medical equipment and training for healthcare professionals in hospitals and clinics in all 63 provinces of Vietnam, especially while the fight against Covid-19 is so serious, complicated, and challenging.

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