On March 18, 2023, the Heartbeat Vietnam team and the international teachers from UNIS Hanoi paid a visit to Baby Nha Uyen and her mother at Cardiovascular Center – E Hospital. This is a privileged child with congenital heart defects who received heart surgery thanks to a donation from the UNIS Hanoi Social Committee’s Charity Teacher Trivia Night.

The Charity Teacher Trivia Night was an inter-school charity pub quiz held in February that attracted over 100 participants from five international schools. This successful event raised 22,200,000 VND, which was donated to Heartbeat Vietnam to timely support the heart surgery cost for Baby Nha Uyen.

Like the other children helped by Heartbeat Vietnam in 63 provinces of Vietnam, Baby Uyen’s family in Da Nang City was unable to bear the financial burden of heart surgery. She was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect when she was just over a month old. Her parents took her to the Danang Hospital for Women and Children for an examination, but she was too thin to undergo open heart surgery. Her defect worsened quickly, and she was transferred to a higher-level hospital, the Cardiovascular Centre at E Hospital in Hanoi, for immediate surgery at a cost of $3,800 USD. Uyen’s family lives in a rented house on her father’s salary of 171 USD per month, which serves as the family’s sole source of income. The family’s daily living expenses are already a financial burden, let alone the large surgery costs that they could not afford.

Thanks to the donation from UNIS Hanoi’s Trivia Night, national medical insurance, and other matching funds from Heartbeat Vietnam, Nha Uyen had a successful surgery on 10 March and is now recovering in the hospital.

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