Van Dang was born seemingly healthy, just like any other child. When he was three months old, during a routine vaccination and check-up, doctors suspected that he had congenital heart defects. However, due to financial constraints and the absence of noticeable symptoms, his family didn’t pursue further medical examinations.

Van Dang is in kindergarten and occasionally experiences coughing and fever. But with a few days of medication, he usually recovers.

In November 2023, the VinaCapital Foundation and Hoan My Da Nang Hospital organized a rural outreach clinic. It was during this event that it was determined that Van Dang needed surgery. His family faces financial struggles, with eight members living under the same roof and barely making ends meet.

Photo of Baby Van Dang taken at Hoan My Da Nang Hospital

Photo of Baby Van Dang taken at Hoan My Da Nang Hospital

Without support, Dang and his family would have been at a loss on how to afford treatment for him, much like they disregarded Dang’s illness for several years due to financial difficulties. Fortunately, Dang finally underwent surgery and now has the opportunity to grow up healthy, just like many of his peers.

Your contribution, whether big or small, can bring miracles of healing to disadvantaged children in Vietnam like Van Dang.

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