In 2005, the first seeds were sown for VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) and Heartbeat Vietnam’s journey to save children with congenital heart defects when VinaCapital Group sponsored the atrial septal defect repair surgery for Cam Dung, a little girl from Quang Nam province. At that time, Cam Dung was only 8 years old, but instead of having a carefree childhood like other children, she struggled with a weak body and persistent coughing caused by her congenital heart defect. When her parents learned about their little daughter’s condition, they were even more heartbroken because the surgical fee was too high to afford. During their distress, the donation from VinaCapital Group came to her family like a miracle that revitalized Dung and brought immense happiness to everyone!

When Mr. Don Lam, CEO and Founding Partner of VinaCapital, visited Cam Dung at the hospital and talked to her father after the surgery, he was inspired and determined to start saving more disadvantaged children like Dung. To fulfill that mission, Mr. Don Lam co-founded VCF with Mrs. Robin King Austin in 2006 to sponsor life-saving surgeries for underprivileged children born with congenital heart defects. This is the origin of the Heartbeat Vietnam program.

After almost two decades since the day Cam Dung had her successful surgery, the little girl has now grown into a beautiful woman and has a family of her own with two adorable and healthy children. When recalling the support she received back then, Cam Dung expresses heartfelt gratitude toward Heartbeat Vietnam for giving her the opportunity to live a happy and fulfilling life.

From this first child, VCF and Heartbeat Vietnam have continued the journey to save thousands of others, reaching an incredible milestone: healing 10,000 little hearts so that our children can grow up healthy and pursue their dreams, as well as transform the lives of their families.

To celebrate this important milestone, let’s join hands with VCF and Heartbeat Vietnam to save the lives of thousands of children across Vietnam, allowing them to continue their studies and become mature like Cam Dung HERE.

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